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Stellar Seven

"No matter who you are in this world, as parents, you have a dream for your children. You want the best for them, to grow up to be courageous, loyal, - and strong. And as they navigate through this world, I believe it's important we recognize their individuality in every aspect of their lives, and really why not fashion? So they spit, and poop, and spill, and get in dirt, but let's just be honest, it's much cuter when they do it. I wanted to bring individuality, unique styles for our unique kids in a world where fashion today, is the traditional baby blue and pink.

My major was in fashion merchandising, and now my inspiration is my son, Martin Stellar VII. What you get when you combine all that is a spark that ignites passion making way to something I really love to do, and I get the privilage to share it with you. These shirts are single handedly screen printed by me. From my home to your children's closet, I hope you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting my heart in every single garment."

- Catherine Ruiz